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Art Viray Photography

We are motivated to work creatively and professionally with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result. It's the utmost importance that we build a strong relationship with our customers so that expectations are exceeded in regards to both quality and service.

Great Wedding Photos Just For Your Wedding Day

Creating beautiful images is something that we have been deeply passionate about for years and we enjoy every single second of the process.

Each of us brings our own unique perspective into play when we snap that shutter, combining our skills to develop photos that we feel define your unique and special moment in time. To make the images real and beautiful we bring the elements of fashion photography and combine them with the emotion of your wedding day. We like our pictures to be both natural, and just plain gorgeous.

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Emotions beat perfection

My main strength as a person is my love, understanding and compassion for life which gives me the ability to bring out the best in any situation. Over the years I have developed my own style based on light, mood and story. Each and every image I create is often simple, yet a complex blend of soul, imagination and technical skill.